Handmade Arrow Cushions

arrow cushions making of arrow cushion

Before we were told we needed to move my boyfriend and I bought some new chairs for the living room. I decided what they needed were some cushions, so when I was back at my parents I borrowed my mum’s sewing machine to make some.

I used some foam and corrugated cardboard to make an arrow stamp, loosely following this tutorial, and then stamped it with white fabric paint. Once that was dried I sewed two of the edges on the sewing machine, stuffed them and over sewed the open edge to keep the stuffing in.

If I have to look on the bright side of moving house we’re moving from a furnished to an unfurnished house so I’l have lots more opportunities for little crafty touches like this. Plus the front room of our new house has red walls so our red chairs and this Ikea rug will fit right in!

arrow cushions ikea rug