Art Deco Fonts

art deco font final
Riesling / Budmo / Andes / Nathan

Inspired by Toni at Lemon Freckles I thought I’d do a post about my top for 1920s/Art Deco style fonts I’ve found. I needed some for the header of my headband tutorial, and in my quest to find the perfect one, I downloaded quite a few. In the end I used Riesling for the ‘1920s’ and Nathan for the words, since I loved the intricacy of Riesling, but wanted something more readable for the rest of the title.

I’m really loving all the 1920s fashion at the moment inspired by the Great Gatsby, I wish I could wear cool flapper costumes all the time. I’ll have to be content with playing around with fonts instead though.


P.S. This week’s ‘What I like this fortnight’ may be a bit late, because I’ve been on holiday!


More spots and roller derby

IMG_1691 IMG_1692


Dress: asos / T-shirt: Norfolk Brawds merch / Headband : vintage from Goldfinches

Yesterday I went to see the Norfolk Brawds roller derby team take on the Vendetta Vixens at the UEA Sportspark. I had a brilliant time, I’ve wanted to see a roller derby bout for ages and it didn’t disappoint! The final score was 164 to 153 to the Norfolk Brawds, the last ten minutes of the bout were especially tense as it was so close. The whole experience was great, I really love the aesthetics of the game and the way it celebrates women, and I came home really energised.

I wore my favourite spotty dress from asos, it’s really easy to wear and looks as smart or as casual as you want. I love vintage scarves, it’s taken me quite a long to perfect my method of wearing them (tip: use a safety pin at the back) but they’re great for when my pixie cut grows out a bit. The t-shirt I bought at the roller derby, I cut a 10cm slit up the front so I could tie the t-shirt up so it was a bit more fitted.

Here are a couple of pictures from the bout, my phone wasn’t the best for taking pictures on though, so they’re a bit blurry!

IMG_1660 IMG_1661


Norwich Vintage Fair



On Sunday 5th May I went to the Norwich vintage fair in St. Andrew’s hall. I’d never been in the hall before, only the cloisters and the entrance and I was pleased by how many different stalls they’d got in there and how big it was. The entrance to the fair was £2 but the amount and quality of the stalls justified it, I thought. They also had a live band and food stalls (my boyfriend bought a great looking meatball and tomato pastry).

I really enjoyed looking around, although I only bought a scarf in the end (look out for it in future blog posts!). I got there quite late in the day, around 3pm, because my mum was visiting, so I missed out on some of the good finds. I also didn’t see anything on my wishlist or anything I absolutely loved, so I decided not to spend any more money. If I had access to a sewing machine at the moment I might have bought some items, since there was some lovely fabric, which I would have liked to have changed the cut, but would probably never get round to hand sewing it.

The event got me thinking about Norwich and vintage/retro fashion. On the one hand in Norwich it’s not really a niche anymore which, amongst other things, means items are priced higher than elsewhere. However, it also means that small vintage shops, and cafes or pubs with a vintage style can thrive, making the city have its own individual feel.


Vintage culottes and tie-dye nails



Culottes: Loot Vintage / T-shirt: Brand New merchandise / Tights: Boots

I found these culottes in Loot Vintage and absolutely love them. They’ve got a high waist and a lovely vintage pattern. I needed to take the hem up by about three inches, but luckily I was at my parents when I bought them, so I had access to a sewing machine and my proper fabric scissors.

As you can see here they’re full at the bottom, in true culotte style, and so look almost like a skirt. I will admit I haven’t worn culottes since I was a brownie!

Finally, I was wearing these on my nails. They’re just a gradient, from this tutorial, but my hairdresser thought they looked tie-dyed, which I quite like as a description.


W7 – Sheer Blue / Barry M – Gelly Hi-Shine Plumb / NYC – Grand Central Station