New Look Chelsea Boots

Recently I bought my first pair of chelsea boots, normally I only ever wear Doc Martens, or occasionally Converse, but I thought I should leave my comfort zone and try a new pair of shoes. These are a couple of outfits I’ve created around the boots, I’ve tried to incorporate something from my wardrobe as well as have a good window shop.

New Look Chelsea Boots 1

Dress / Jacket / Boots / Eyeliner / Nail Polish

I love bodycon midi dresses at the moment, I wear the couple that I own on rotation. They’re perfect for the autumn, as they cover up a bit more leg, but I tend to choose floral paterns, so they still bring some of the summer colours into the season. This is more of a going out in the evening look, maybe for cocktails or, in my case, probably a pint of ale at the pub! I’m a firm believer that any outfit isn’t complete without winged eyeliner, and I’ve had my eye on the Benefit They’re Real eyeliner for a long time.

New Look Chelsea Boots 2

Dress / Leggings / Boots /Satchel / Watch / Scarf

I am all about tartan at the moment, if I could I’d probably wear this dress with a tartan scarf as well, but I don’t think double tartan is quite the same as double denim! I own this satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Co. and it’s probably one of my favourite things, it’s big enough to hold an umbrella and still looks smart after at least six months use. I’d comfortably wear this look to the office or for rushing around, hence the watch. As the weather gets colder I’d pair it with my blue military coat from ASOS.

New Look Chelsea Boots 3

I am absolutely loving mustard at the moment, if I could afford it, I would buy that mustard coat from Modcloth, but I’ll just have to make do with Barry M Gelly in Mustard. Another midi dress again here, this time I’d love to see the black skirt from under the mustard coat, also anything with a high neck is a must for me.


Leopards and butterflies

grey leopard print dress grey leopard print dress2

Dress: boohoo / Broach: PinPinFinds

This was the second dress I bought from boohoo after Christmas, I love the idea of grey leoprard print, because it’s subtle but also still leopard print. The badge was bought for me by my boyfriend from PinPinFinds, a local jewelry maker, I love how it contains similar colours as the dress.

Also bad news, this will probably be the last photos taken in this house as we’re moving again, at least it’s only down the road this time!


Secret Garden



Dress: TK Maxx / Necklace: Gingers

There’s only one picture of this outfit, unfortunately! My hair desperately needs a cut and it was doing something very strange in all these photographs. However, I really liked this photo so I thought I’d post it anyway.

I never really go to TK Maxx, it’s sort of tucked away in Castle Mall so I forget it exists, but I was shopping with my boyfriend for some t-shirts and I found this dress. I’ve been wearing it to work, but it’s smart enough to wear out as well. I really like it paired with this necklace from Gingers because of the colour contrast.

My favourite thing about this photo is our garden in the background with the sunflowers and geraniums tucked away. My housemate had her nieces over last weekend and we let them draw all over the floor with chalks, they’ve mostly washed away with the rain now though.


Introducing… Jenny Wreck




If you hadn’t guessed by the photos, this blog is going to be about roller derby! So, three and a half months ago, I went to see the Norfolk Brawds play an open bout at the UEA Sportspark in Norwich, despite having a terrible hangover it was one of the coolest things I’ve seen, and then and there I said I was going to go to their ‘fresh meat’ training. I had told myself before that couldn’t do roller derby because I didn’t have a job, and wasn’t confident or fit, but I decided that I’d had enough of excuses, I was going to actually go and have a try.

So I did. And it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Since then I’ve got a job, made heaps of new friends (more about that later!) and got fitter in the process. Last week was sign offs, where we get tested on all the skills we’ve learnt in level one. I went along thinking I couldn’t do jumps, so wouldn’t pass level one, but was determined to have a good go all the same. Plus I didn’t want to miss out on a chance to get my skates on, (seriously, once you start you can’t stop!) I went and tried my hardest, but when it came to jumping over that 3 inch high stick, I tried, fell over and my toestop came off. I spent so long getting it back on (a small part of the plate had snapped off, but that was no big deal) that I missed out on my other two tries. I finished the rest of the sign offs, unsure of how well I’d done. Then, at the end of the session I was given another two tries at jumping it, the first time I fell over, but the second time I managed to jump and land without falling over! It was such a good feeling, in that moment I didn’t even care whether I’d passed level one, but it came to know the results and … “62, you’ve passed level 1”. I was buzzing for the rest of the week.

However, that’s not quite the best thing about derby, the best thing is the people! All my fellow fresh meat skaters have become like a little family, we’ve all struggled through learning t-stops and plough stops and many yells of ‘get lower!!!!’ together. But so much of roller derby also happens off the track, we’ve all volunteered to help out the Brawds in one way or another, spending our weekends supporting the team by being a Non Skating Official or representing the Brawds at events going on in Norwich. And, I have to say, I wouldn’t want to spend my time with any other people, all the fresh meat and bouting Brawds are so lovely and friendly! If you want more to read the wonderful Wild Honey has a dedicated derby blog Diary of a Roller Derby Rookie and one of my fresh meat family is the lovely Gemma of Retro Chick, so check them out! Plus you should definitely support the Brawds or local roller derby wherever you are.


(Photo by Wild Honey)


P.S. Yes, I did put my kneepads and wrist guards on just to take photos in my garden, it felt silly, but not as silly as it would have been to explain if I had fallen over without them!

I’m back!



T-shirt: The Rock Collection / Skirt: asos / Earrings: New Look

So, my short absence while I started a new job and moved house turned into two months without blogging. The first set back was that I didn’t get internet in my new house until the end of the first week of August, and since then I’ve just not managed to sit down and get back into blogging regularly, but I’m here now!

This outfit was based around the awesome T-Rex t-shirt my boyfriend bought me, because he knows I like dinosaurs. It’s a bit too cool for me, but I still like wearing it. I actually wore this outfit to work, as the dress code is casual where I’m working.

I have lots more to tell you, especially about my growing obsession with roller derby, but I’ll save that for another time.




Houndstooth and Flock

houndstooth and flock 3

houndstooth and flock 1

houndstooth and flock 2

Dress: asos / Blazer: KMQ Vintage / Earrings: Handmade

I bough this dress for a wedding I’m going to in a fortnight, but I couldn’t help trying it out beforehand. I really like the contrasting patterns of the houndstooth and the flock of the dress, it’s smart but also funky. I bought the jacket from KMQ Vintage and after taking the shoulder-pads out I like it, but it’s still a bit bulky and wooly for summer. The earrings I hand made from fimo using a technique similar to this, I might make a tutorial for them at some point.

This is the last post you’ll see from my current house as I’m moving out at the weekend, but once I’ve moved into my new house in a fortnight there should be some new outfit posts in our lovely garden, I’m so excited!



Channeling Midge with a crop top

crop top and jeans jump

crop top and blue jeans
T-shirt: Norfolk Brawds Merch / Jeans: Asos / Shoes: Asos

Yes, I’ve got my belly out! I haven’t yet worn this outfit out of the house, but somehow I’m fine posting pictures on the internet. I feel like I’m channeling Midge with this outfit, as she wears a lot of really cool crop tops. I have a plan to make a few crop tops like this by cutting and tieing them with t-shirts I bought to go travelling in last year. Most of my t-shirts are band merch and I didn’t want lose them when I was travelling, so I bought some cheap t-shirts from H&M, which I haven’t worn since.

I thought this outfit made me look quite 90s, so I took a picture trying to look like a teenage hearthrob from a 90s TV show, but it didn’t work very well. Also, it was my 21st birthday yesterday! I’m currently on holiday with my friends in the Lake District though, so this post has been scheduled last week.

crop top and jeans 90s