Handmade Arrow Cushions

arrow cushions making of arrow cushion

Before we were told we needed to move my boyfriend and I bought some new chairs for the living room. I decided what they needed were some cushions, so when I was back at my parents I borrowed my mum’s sewing machine to make some.

I used some foam and corrugated cardboard to make an arrow stamp, loosely following this tutorial, and then stamped it with white fabric paint. Once that was dried I sewed two of the edges on the sewing machine, stuffed them and over sewed the open edge to keep the stuffing in.

If I have to look on the bright side of moving house we’re moving from a furnished to an unfurnished house so I’l have lots more opportunities for little crafty touches like this. Plus the front room of our new house has red walls so our red chairs and this Ikea rug will fit right in!

arrow cushions ikea rug


1920s Headband Tutorial

1920s Headband Tutorial Image

This is a tutorial for a 1920s headband, inspired by the Great Gatsby and all the 1920s fashion at the moment. This headband was for a costume, but you could always use plain ribbon for the band and smaller feathers and it could be something wearable everyday.

1920s Headband Tutorial


  • Feathers, I used three large and five small
  • Two ovals or circles of felt, approx 5cms long, optional: a little extra felt for the ends of the ribbon
  • Beads
  • Sequin ribbon, approx 40 cm
  • Elastic, approx 15 cm, plus 1.5 cm each side to attach to the ribbon (this amount fit round my head securely, but it’s worth trying out how much you need so that it stays up comfortably without being too tight)
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Needle and thread (sewing machine optional)
  • Glue

Throughout the tutorial I sew almost everything, however if you prefer to glue that should be fine for everything except the final step, where it’s stronger if you sew it.


  1. Cut the bottom ¾ of the three longer feathers away from the shaft so you’re left with the just the top of the barb.
  2. Attach the three feathers onto one of the felt ovals. I used a glue gun, because I’m impatient but if you don’t mind waiting for it to dry (and would rather not get hot glue on your fingers, as I did a few times!) you could use a glue such as UHU. The feathers might have a slight curve, if so I made sure that they curved towards the table and onto the felt. Also, if you’re using a glue gun, be careful not to get the glue around the edge 5mm of the felt, as it dries hard and you will not be able to sew through it later.
  3. Attach five of the smaller feathers on top of the larger feathers.
  4. Attach the beads onto the other oval of felt.
  5. Attach the middle of the length of ribbon to the middle of the felt oval with the feathers on, if you’re sewing this and have used a glue gun it may be a bit hard, but as long as the ribbon is sewn at the edges it should be fine.
  6. Attach the beaded oval onto the base and the ribbon, sandwiching the feathers and ribbon in between the two pieces of felt. I sewed around the edge with running stitch but you could over sew it, or glue it.
  7. Sew the ends of the ribbon to the elastic. I did this on a sewing machine to make sure they were secure, by sewing a couple of lines up and down with the elastic lying on top of the ribbon.
  8. If the end of the ribbon frays quite a lot, you can add bits of felt where they join to neaten it up.

I was making five headbands all together, so for some of them I made different shapes of the felt, and others I used this tutorial to make curved feathers (it’s the same principle as curling packaging ribbon).

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, if you make a headband like this, let me know and I’ll put it in a blog post!


(Portrait photographs by David Kingfisher)

Here’s a final picture of us all dressed up in our costumes!

1920s headband tutorial


Pastels and spots




Top : Warehouse / Skirt: asos / Necklace: a gift

Really love pastels at the moment, especially mint green (have you seen my background!) so when I saw this skirt I had to buy it. I really need to buy some more skirts, because I tend to wear t-shirts and jeans, so skirts will give me the perfect opportunity to wear them without looking too casual. The necklace was an early birthday present from a friend, my housemates and I had a joint birthday party over the weekend, which was a lot of fun, but I still haven’t finished the cleaning up yet.

Finally, I made a feminist banner for my room, it only took about 45 minutes, I just cut out the lettering and then threaded some embroidery thread through the entire thing. I also have a photo banner planned for my room, since it has this wooden skirting around the top of the wall so I can pin things to it.