Dressing Up

floral velvet dress

floral velvet dress

Dress: boohoo / Hat: H&M / Tights: H&M

I hardly recognise myself in these photos, I’m so used to having short hair. To be honest, this wig is longer than my hair has ever been, but what’s the point in dressing up if you can’t make believe. I really like this dress, its bright enough to stand out, but easy to wear. Red has always suited me, and you can’t see from these pictures but the background is actually navy, but I’ve ignored that and accessorised it with black anyway.

For Christmas I got the best present ever, a pair of Dr Marten shoes. I’ve wanted some for ages because they’re so practical, but they’re too expensive to justify buying, which is why I’m glad it was almost Christmas. These are my third pair of Dr Martens but my first new pair, I’ve saved the shoe box to keep makeup in, because I couldn’t bare to throw it away.

doc martens


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