Holiday Nails



This is probably my favourite nail varnish of 2013, Barry M Countess. My favourite thing about this polish is how it looks with a top coat. I got it for Christmas from my boyfriend, as well as some Barry M limited edition glitter and a nail art pen, neither of which I have tried out yet.


This was an attempt at nail art, but I didn’t like it very much. It’s got a white and blue gradient with a thin layer of Barry M Silver Foil over the top and a snowflake drawn on.


I really like this design, it’s one of the first ones I’ve done with crackle polishes, but I love the blue and silver combination. I wore it to the New Year’s Eve party I went to.

Polishes Used:
1. Barry M Countess / Sally Hansen Insta Dri
2. MUA Bold Blue / MUA All Nude / Barry M Silver Foil / Sally Hansen Insta Dri
3. Barry M Blue Grape / OPI Silver Shatter / Sally Hansen Insta Dri


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