What I like this fortnight: Jenny’s life edition

This is a special (and also late!) edition of what I like this fortnight as since the last time I wrote a non-scheduled blog lots of things about my life have changed. I don’t want to make this a personal blog, rather than a style blog, but I was having writers block trying to write something that didn’t mention these big things.

1. Holidays with friends.

holiday 1

My friends and I went on holiday to the Peak District, which was great fun. We did some walking, spent a lot of time in pubs and played a lot of board games. The first picture was from one of the walks we went on, and the general consensus was that it could be an album cover!

2. Turning 21.


I also turned 21 while I was on holiday, I had a lovely day, we had a pub lunch and champagne after dinner. It didn’t feel much different, but now I’ve got a new house and a job I feel a lot more grown up in such a short length of time.

3. New house.


In a few weeks I’m moving in to a house with my boyfriend and another couple, I’m really excited because it’s in the city centre and is also a really nice house. Plus it has this lovely garden, if you look right at the back you can see a bathtub being used for plants!

4. Getting a job!

heide peplum top missguidedhelice peplum blouse missguidedwhitney midi chevron dress missguided


At the beginning of July I’m starting in a junior position at a web marketing company! I’m really excited about it, as it’s in the field I want to go into and everyone there seems really nice. I also realised I have almost no office appropriate clothes, as I tend to prefer brighter dresses, so I bought these items from Missguided. I still need a blazer and a pencil skirt, but I’m getting there. Look out for them on the blog soon, not many people do posts about work clothes, but I wish there were more to get inspiration from!

5. Roller derby

riedell r3 skates

I’ve started roller derby training with the Norfolk Brawds and it is so much fun! I really love skating (I used to ice skate when I was younger) and I’m getting more involved in the sport and the team. Tomorrow I’m being a non skating official at a closed bout, so that should be fun, and then in July I’m going to help out the Norfolk Brawds team at the Norwich Lanes Fayre. These are the skates I bought myself as a late birthday present, I went to the skating rink on my own after they came, and they’re really good. The toe guards I made roughly using these instructions from a £1 charity shop belt. Hopefully I’ll have some derby related DIY to share with you soon!

Hope you enjoyed this personal what I like this fortnight!



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