Art Deco Fonts

art deco font final
Riesling / Budmo / Andes / Nathan

Inspired by Toni at Lemon Freckles I thought I’d do a post about my top for 1920s/Art Deco style fonts I’ve found. I needed some for the header of my headband tutorial, and in my quest to find the perfect one, I downloaded quite a few. In the end I used Riesling for the ‘1920s’ and Nathan for the words, since I loved the intricacy of Riesling, but wanted something more readable for the rest of the title.

I’m really loving all the 1920s fashion at the moment inspired by the Great Gatsby, I wish I could wear cool flapper costumes all the time. I’ll have to be content with playing around with fonts instead though.


P.S. This week’s ‘What I like this fortnight’ may be a bit late, because I’ve been on holiday!


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