Channeling Midge with a crop top

crop top and jeans jump

crop top and blue jeans
T-shirt: Norfolk Brawds Merch / Jeans: Asos / Shoes: Asos

Yes, I’ve got my belly out! I haven’t yet worn this outfit out of the house, but somehow I’m fine posting pictures on the internet. I feel like I’m channeling Midge with this outfit, as she wears a lot of really cool crop tops. I have a plan to make a few crop tops like this by cutting and tieing them with t-shirts I bought to go travelling in last year. Most of my t-shirts are band merch and I didn’t want lose them when I was travelling, so I bought some cheap t-shirts from H&M, which I haven’t worn since.

I thought this outfit made me look quite 90s, so I took a picture trying to look like a teenage hearthrob from a 90s TV show, but it didn’t work very well. Also, it was my 21st birthday yesterday! I’m currently on holiday with my friends in the Lake District though, so this post has been scheduled last week.

crop top and jeans 90s



4 thoughts on “Channeling Midge with a crop top

  1. Happy birthday, Jennie! I just discovered your blog! What a lovely little gem 🙂
    I love the way you DIY’ed the shirt. I have lots of bands/roller derby shirts with the most boring fit ever, and this is an awesome way to wear them and still look like a girl.

    • Thanks :). Yeah, I have that problem, I have a load of band t-shirts with boring fit, I’m trying to come up with more ways to use them!

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