Triceratops t-shirt! Ruuun!

triceratops tshirt dinosaur pose

triceratops pose jungle
T-shirt: WLC / Shorts: Peacocks / Earrings: Gingers

I love this t-shirt, I have a minor obsession with dinosaurs at the moment after my boyfriend and I went to the Natural History Museum in London. I did cut the sleeves slightly and then sew them so they were gathered, to make it a bit more flattering, I copied this t-shirt for a guide. When I was taking this photo I realised just how overgrown my garden was, I think I’m going to have to devote a day to weeding it before I move out!

These earrings were sent to me by accident when I ordered a different pair, but I actually really like them, the fact that they’re oversized makes them stand out, and the shade of grey is nice, almost purple-y. I wasn’t going to post this photo, because I’m not quite in focus (I’ve borrowed my boyfriend’s DSLR camera and can’t really use it) but I wanted to show off my earrings and lipstick.

triceratops up close



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