What I like this fortnight

1. Annika of The Pineneedle Collective

the pineneedle collective

I love Annika’s blog so much, and especially this skirt. My mum’s said she’ll lend me her sewing machine when I move into a new flat, so I want to make a skirt like this if I can find some nice fabric.

2. These Frida Kahlo badges.

frida kahlo badge

Frida Kahlo is one of my inspirations, as an artist, a feminist and a woman. I already have a Frida badge on my bag that I made for International Women’s Day for my uni’s feminist society (along with other inspirational women) but these are really cool, I especially love the yellow one.

3. Homemade deodorant

home made deoderant

I’m turning into somewhat of a hippie at the moment, but even if I weren’t I’d still love this recipe. It lasts all day and smells gorgeous, the only essential oil I used was a couple of drops of tea tree, so the coconut oil smell comes through but it’s not too sweet. My boyfriend has also been using it (because he’s decided traditional male deodorant smells too strong) and likes it also. I need a better container to put it in other than an old peanut butter jar though, because it’s hard to get out.

4. The Indelicates

the indelicates

I’ve been on such an Indelicates kick at the moment (Julia, we don’t live in the 60s has been stuck in my head for the past couple of weeks) without even realising they had a new album out. I’ve only listened to the new album all the way through once, and really like it. I wish the lyrics were online though, because I’m the kind of person who likes to read the lyrics along with the music.

5. Barry M’s new gelly polishes, as seen on One Nail to Rule Them All.

barry m summer gellys
I only have one Barry M Gelly at the moment, Plum, a really lovely purple, but it applies so well I really want more. I don’t have much money right now, the woes of just finishing uni, (although the job search is in full swing), but I think I’ll buy Guava, the bottom left, because I had a Barry M turquoise but it ran out, so I need another one!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of things that I love this fortnight. Let me know in the comments what sort of things you’ve been enjoying.



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