Help me choose new sunglasses!


For the past year and a bit I’ve been wearing these sunglasses, I love them so much. However, I left my bag in a stupid place and one of my friends accidentally broke them, so I need some new ones. I think I’ll ask my mum for a pair for my birthday, which is a week on Tuesday, eek! (Also this picture is so old it was taken in my previous student house, although it’s my favourite one of the sunglasses.)

all sunglasses
1 / 2 / 3 / 4

I’m leaning towards number one, but I wear a lot of floral as it is, so it may be a bit of a floral overload, they sort of fit into the 60s vibe of my last pair though. I like the Lolita heart glasses, although if I did decide on them I’d probably chose a cheaper version from ebay, because I’m crafty like that. Also, I wish they had models with pixie cuts so I could see how they would look with my hair style.

So, which pair do you think I should choose?



4 thoughts on “Help me choose new sunglasses!

  1. I’m totally getting my life from both numbers 1 and 4. Mostly number 1 though. I agree with everyone when they say 1 is gorgeous. Something about it gives me a whimsical and cutesy vibe. I live for it. ♥

    x lullatoned

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