Nail catch-up: gradients and speckled blue.


This post features a lot of MUA’s £1 range, the formula is a bit patchy in places but over all the colours that MUA has put out are ones that really appeal to me. This one is Bold Blue with a coat of W7’s Salt n Pepper and then another of Bold Blue over the top, I really like the black glitter, so I wanted to try out a design that just used the black glitter without the white background. After doing this I did buy Maybelline’s Chalk Dust, but I accidentally left it at my parents, so I haven’t even tried it out yet!

Yellow and green gradient ombre nails

Believe it or not the green in here is MUA’s Pistachio Ice Cream as seen here, I wasn’t sure whether it’d work over the yellow, but it actually has a really cool neon look.

Ombre gradient and stamping nails

I really like the white onwhite stamping look, so I did a gradient using MUA’s Bold Blue. The stamping over the top is Cheeky XL plate C, the stamps on there are so large, which I feel is wasted on my small nails.

Polishes Used: 
1. MUA Bold Blue / W7 Salt n Pepper / Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
2. NYC Lexington Yellow / MUA Pistachio Ice Cream / Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
3. MUA All Nude / MUA Bold Blue / Cheeky XL C / Konad Stamping Polish White / Sally Hansen Insta-Dri


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