Norwich Vintage Fair



On Sunday 5th May I went to the Norwich vintage fair in St. Andrew’s hall. I’d never been in the hall before, only the cloisters and the entrance and I was pleased by how many different stalls they’d got in there and how big it was. The entrance to the fair was £2 but the amount and quality of the stalls justified it, I thought. They also had a live band and food stalls (my boyfriend bought a great looking meatball and tomato pastry).

I really enjoyed looking around, although I only bought a scarf in the end (look out for it in future blog posts!). I got there quite late in the day, around 3pm, because my mum was visiting, so I missed out on some of the good finds. I also didn’t see anything on my wishlist or anything I absolutely loved, so I decided not to spend any more money. If I had access to a sewing machine at the moment I might have bought some items, since there was some lovely fabric, which I would have liked to have changed the cut, but would probably never get round to hand sewing it.

The event got me thinking about Norwich and vintage/retro fashion. On the one hand in Norwich it’s not really a niche anymore which, amongst other things, means items are priced higher than elsewhere. However, it also means that small vintage shops, and cafes or pubs with a vintage style can thrive, making the city have its own individual feel.


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