Vintage culottes and tie-dye nails



Culottes: Loot Vintage / T-shirt: Brand New merchandise / Tights: Boots

I found these culottes in Loot Vintage and absolutely love them. They’ve got a high waist and a lovely vintage pattern. I needed to take the hem up by about three inches, but luckily I was at my parents when I bought them, so I had access to a sewing machine and my proper fabric scissors.

As you can see here they’re full at the bottom, in true culotte style, and so look almost like a skirt. I will admit I haven’t worn culottes since I was a brownie!

Finally, I was wearing these on my nails. They’re just a gradient, from this tutorial, but my hairdresser thought they looked tie-dyed, which I quite like as a description.


W7 – Sheer Blue / Barry M – Gelly Hi-Shine Plumb / NYC – Grand Central Station


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