New Look Chelsea Boots

Recently I bought my first pair of chelsea boots, normally I only ever wear Doc Martens, or occasionally Converse, but I thought I should leave my comfort zone and try a new pair of shoes. These are a couple of outfits I’ve created around the boots, I’ve tried to incorporate something from my wardrobe as well as have a good window shop.

New Look Chelsea Boots 1

Dress / Jacket / Boots / Eyeliner / Nail Polish

I love bodycon midi dresses at the moment, I wear the couple that I own on rotation. They’re perfect for the autumn, as they cover up a bit more leg, but I tend to choose floral paterns, so they still bring some of the summer colours into the season. This is more of a going out in the evening look, maybe for cocktails or, in my case, probably a pint of ale at the pub! I’m a firm believer that any outfit isn’t complete without winged eyeliner, and I’ve had my eye on the Benefit They’re Real eyeliner for a long time.

New Look Chelsea Boots 2

Dress / Leggings / Boots /Satchel / Watch / Scarf

I am all about tartan at the moment, if I could I’d probably wear this dress with a tartan scarf as well, but I don’t think double tartan is quite the same as double denim! I own this satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Co. and it’s probably one of my favourite things, it’s big enough to hold an umbrella and still looks smart after at least six months use. I’d comfortably wear this look to the office or for rushing around, hence the watch. As the weather gets colder I’d pair it with my blue military coat from ASOS.

New Look Chelsea Boots 3

I am absolutely loving mustard at the moment, if I could afford it, I would buy that mustard coat from Modcloth, but I’ll just have to make do with Barry M Gelly in Mustard. Another midi dress again here, this time I’d love to see the black skirt from under the mustard coat, also anything with a high neck is a must for me.


Beauty/Skincare Favourites

I’ve never done one of these before, but I thought I’d share what beauty and skincare products I’ve been enjoying lately.


i Divine in Ultra Matte V1
I’ve been really enjoying this pallete over the summer, the bright colours are perfect for adding a touch of colour to the face. However, I think it’ll be fun choosing ways to use these colours in autumn and winter. I initially wanted the Urban Decay Electric pallete but bought this as a dupe to see how much use I would get out of it.

EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Set
These brushes are so useful! I love having the double ended brushes since it takes up less space than four brushes, and when I’m doing my eye makeup I don’t have to reach for any other brushes. I especially like the eyeliner brush which is perfect for gel eyeliner and makes a really sharp line when doing cat-eyes.

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream
I’m so late to the BB cream party, but I haven’t had clear enough skin to want to wear BB cream. Now my skin is looking a bit better, I really like the idea of a lightweight cream with coverage, SPF and salicylic acid in to help clear skin up. I haven’t tried any other BB creams but I’m pretty happy with this one.


L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Miracle Cleansing Oil
I’ve heard a lot about cleansing oils and so wanted to try it out for myself. I’ve got on really well with this one, I thought it would be weird to put oil on my face but it has actually made my skin less oily.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+]
This cream is what has cleared up my skin, it’s managed to reduce the number of spots on my face or where there are stubborn spots it reduces the their redness. I’ve been using this in the morning and evening instead of moisturizer, and while my skin felt a bit oily to start with, it has evened it out now.

Easypiercing® Physiological Salt Solution
Not necessarily a skin care product, but this has really helped my nose piercing to heal. It is a lot less effort than a salt water solution, as you can just spray it on and go, plus the saline solution is always the right concentration compared to when you mix it yourself.


What I’ve Been Up To

I thought I would share a snippet of what I’ve been up to from my instagram, besides spending a lot of time training for my first roller derby bout, dying my hair blonde and moving house yet again, of course!

blog instagram 1

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach / Norfolk Brawds Heartlands Bout / VW Whitenoise

blog instagram style

Sleek Ultra Mattes Pallete Brights / Victory Rolls / Hair for Norwich Body Art Festival

blog instagram nails

Barry M Olive nail art / Barry M Kiwi nail art / Nautical nail art.


You can be your own hero

Credit goes to MDP Images

I’m the one on the right! Credit goes to MDP Images

I know, the title is incredibly cheesy, but if you’d told me a year ago I’d skate a roller derby bout in front of a crowd I wouldn’t have believed you. I wrote this post a year and four months ago, and shortly after that started skating with the Norfolk Brawds. It’s taken hard work, stress, sweat, tears and a lot of encouragement, but I did it!

The bout I skated in was a mixed opener, where new skaters from around the country can get experience skating in front of a crowd. It was such a good experience and everyone was excited and enthusiastic, and we won! The bout was quite close until we had a few power jams in our favour towards the end.

Here are a few more photos, I think in future I need to get a cooler looking helmet and not wear blue lipstick and a blue gum shield!

Photo thanks to Sugar Shark

Photo thanks to Sugar Shark

Photo thanks to Sugar Shark

Photo thanks to Sugar Shark

Photo thanks to Sugar Shark

Photo thanks to Sugar Shark


Handmade Arrow Cushions

arrow cushions making of arrow cushion

Before we were told we needed to move my boyfriend and I bought some new chairs for the living room. I decided what they needed were some cushions, so when I was back at my parents I borrowed my mum’s sewing machine to make some.

I used some foam and corrugated cardboard to make an arrow stamp, loosely following this tutorial, and then stamped it with white fabric paint. Once that was dried I sewed two of the edges on the sewing machine, stuffed them and over sewed the open edge to keep the stuffing in.

If I have to look on the bright side of moving house we’re moving from a furnished to an unfurnished house so I’l have lots more opportunities for little crafty touches like this. Plus the front room of our new house has red walls so our red chairs and this Ikea rug will fit right in!

arrow cushions ikea rug


Urban Decay Roller Girl Makeover

urban decay makeover

urban decay makeover

Thanks to the lovely Heather at Urban Decay Norwich, Gemma (Retro Chick) and the Norfolk Brawds I had the chance to take part in a roller girl makeover last Sunday. The makeover was inspired by our derby names, with Gem Warfare wearing khaki green eyeshadow and Slammin’ Siren having a blue sea theme.

After we had our makeovers done we skated around House of Fraser handing out leaflets and showing off our makeovers. I enjoyed skating a lot, although I was really tempted to try things that I probably shouldn’t when surrounded by shoppers and displays. Then we went home, I wish it hadn’t been a Sunday otherwise I would have definitely have gone out to show off my makeup.

The whole experience was so much fun, and something I would not have got to do normally if I hadn’t been part of the Norfolk Brawds.


Credit goes to Gemma and Heather for the first and last photos respectively.


Leopards and butterflies

grey leopard print dress grey leopard print dress2

Dress: boohoo / Broach: PinPinFinds

This was the second dress I bought from boohoo after Christmas, I love the idea of grey leoprard print, because it’s subtle but also still leopard print. The badge was bought for me by my boyfriend from PinPinFinds, a local jewelry maker, I love how it contains similar colours as the dress.

Also bad news, this will probably be the last photos taken in this house as we’re moving again, at least it’s only down the road this time!